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Case Studies

Case Studies

407ETR – Creating a Loyalty Program

The Challenge

407 ETR wanted to create a program that would retain its best customers, motivate them to increase their usage of the highway, and provide an incentive for high potential customers to increase their usage. One key requirement–407 stipulated that any program would have to be self-funding.

Our Solution

We began with a process of analysis, collaboration, and workshops that included staff, external partners, industry, and functional area experts exploring objectives and possible programs. From this we created a clear definition of the target customer segments and the basic structure of the program. We then moved to focus groups with the target customers to get reaction to program elements, structure, and rules. We explored reactions for perceived value from the concept and identified the customers’ expectations for operational considerations and communications.

The next step was a four-month pilot program to ensure that all technical aspects, customer touch points, program mechanics and interactions with partners worked flawlessly. During the pilot we created a research panel of customers to provide ongoing feedback on a variety of aspects. At pilot completion we conducted more focus groups with participants to explore their level of awareness and comprehension of program features and benefits as a way to gauge overall effectiveness of the communication elements. The learning throughout was used to fine-tune the program for launch.


In year one $10,000,000 was extended to 407 customers in free mileage and free gas.
All key metrics to measure program impact showed significant improvement – increasing from 5 to 20 percentage points over pre-program levels:

  • Would you recommend 407?
  • Are you satisfied with 407?
  • Are you treated like a valued customer?
  • Do you have a positive impression of 407?