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Our Approach

Spark Ideas is marketing strategy and research with a difference. We take a fresh approach to products and brands, blending qualitative research and analysis with creative, out-of-the box thinking to spark ideas and solutions that work. Since founding Spark in 2003, Jill Roussy and Wendy Shaw have brought 20 years of client-side experience to every project, uncovering consumer insights and helping to position brands competitively in increasingly challenging markets.

When we approach research, we do it a little differently, bringing senior-level expertise in marketing, communication strategy and business planning to each project. Our thinking is rooted in the customer perspective and grounded in the reality of what will work inside an organization. We go beyond the data and dig deeper in order to really understand consumers—distilling the key elements, making responsive recommendations and delivering action plans in the areas of:

  • Product Development
  • Brand Building
  • Customer Experience
  • Communication Planning