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Our Approach

Since co-founding Spark in 2003, Jill Roussy and Wendy Shaw have brought 20 years of client-side experience to every project to help brands and teams successfully compete in increasingly challenging markets.  We are curious about people and how their beliefs and attitudes drive behaviours.  And how businesses and individuals can capitalize on those insights to deliver value.

We are experienced Facilitators, Qualitative Researchers and Coaches.  We bring curiosity, creativity, warmth, determination and a strong sense of fun to every project. Our custom approaches blend methodologies and tools to deliver effective solutions in the areas of Marketing Strategy, Team Effectiveness and Consumer Insight.  We dig deep to help companies, teams and individuals make sense of diverse challenges, unlock insights and create a clear picture and effective plan of action. With a clear picture, you make better decisions.

Our services include:

  • Team Effectiveness and Coaching
  • Qualitative Research
  • LEGO™ Serious Play Workshops
  • Product Development
  • Brand Building
  • Customer Experience
  • Communication Planning