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Kickstart Change

At Spark, we’ve been thinking a lot about change – its benefits, what it takes to make meaningful change and what holds us back.   Typically, people make changes in their lives to improve their happiness, sense of fulfillment, health and prosperity. A quick survey of our coaching clients reveals that, in addition to realizing […]

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Telling Your Story: Part I

When job hunting, one of the first things people think about is how to tell the story of “you”. How do you wish to present yourself, summarize your character, strengths and accomplishments and ensure that the main points come out in a story. There are many other occasions however when having an up-to-date, powerful and […]

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Understanding the WHY behind the WHAT:  When customer satisfaction is lacking what’s your first move?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article called The Dubious Management Fad Sweeping Corporate America tracking the increased popularity and use of Net Promoter Score or NPS.  You know this score. “On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” If […]

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360 Feedback as a Catalyst for Team Growth

360 Feedback – there is so much written and spoken about the uses and benefits of a 360 Feedback program – as well as horror stories about misuse and pitfalls when not used appropriately. At Spark we have been circling around (haha pun intended) this topic and reflecting on experience working with client companies.   In […]

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Insight and Innovation: Which Could You Use More of Right Now?

Earlier this year I heard a speaker at a conference say that what the world suffers from is not a shortage of innovation but rather a shortage of insights.  That got my attention and stuck with me – as it seems counter to everyone’s working assumption that with more innovation all problems can be fixed; […]

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How LEGO™ helps solve complex business issues

We recently became Certified Facilitators of the LEGO™ SERIOUS PLAY™ Method – a facilitated, creative process used to solve complex issues for business.  It is a fun, engaging and highly productive way for a group to share ideas and build solutions around a predetermined topic. The technique is rooted in science and research which demonstrates […]

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How Quick Can Qualitative Research Be?

How Quick Can Qualitative Research Be?  In today’s competitive environment companies are under increasing pressure to get their products and ideas to market as quickly as possible – often cutting corners in the process.  Lately, much has been made about the amount of time needed for qualitative research.  The implication being that no contemporary, successful […]

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Look Up! Perspectives on Customer Experience

By Jill Roussy, Partner, Spark Ideas Inc. and Shaun Little, Consultant

Stop, take a moment, and look up from today’s reports, plans, forecasts and results. Think of five marketers you know and respect. It doesn’t matter what company, sector, or specialization; just consider what they might be doing right now to help drive their organizations forward. Now, imagine you have two questions to ask them.

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How telling stories can provide a rich source of consumer insight

By Wendy Shaw, Partner, Spark Ideas Inc. Article first appeared in the Design Management Review, a publication of the Design Management Institute.

In our work to uncover consumer insights, build marketing strategies and support new product development initiatives we are constantly looking for ways to more deeply understand a consumer’s reality. Getting inside people’s heads and hearts to understand their behaviour and the beliefs behind their behaviour can help shape product development and positioning.

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