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Case Studies

Case Studies

Bell – Creating and Delivering a product in the Small Business Space

The Challenge

Bell wanted to develop a suite of Internet products and services built specifically to service home office customers – a group with combined consumer and business communication needs that represent more than 50% of the Canadian business market.

Our Solution

Spark recruited a large group of Home-based business owners in Ontario and Quebec to provide thoughts and opinions and help shape the development and launch of Bell’s Home Office Internet Service. These business owners met regularly over several months working side-by-side with Bell team members in a series of Spark co-creation sessions. Working through ideation, needs assessment and concept review provided meaningful input for the Bell team.

Post launch, we at Spark also conducted a communication and process audit. We reviewed all online and print materials to help Bell ensure consistent communication of the value proposition and key messages. We tracked and documented the purchase and service set-up experience in detail for phone and online channels to ensure Bell was delivering with no gaps.


Bell received first hand, real life insight into what it means to run a business from home. The output of the co-creation sessions defined the product bundle and pricing, and created the foundation for creative development, key messages and service delivery.

Our post-launch audit identified several process and content improvements that refined the consistency of message across channels, enhanced training for CSRs on product knowledge and sharpened the online experience by reducing steps and providing more and better information.