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Case Studies

Case Studies

Cineplex – Bringing Segments to Life and Understanding the Consumer Context

The Challenge

Cineplex had segment-specific information but wanted a deeper understanding of beliefs and attitudes behind behaviour in order to develop relevant and compelling programs and offers.

Our Solution

After examining the needs of Cineplex, we knew we needed to get inside the consumer context and learn about how movies and other entertainment choices work for people—both existing customers as well as non-customers of the brand.

We wanted to see the purchase process from the inside out and learn how decisions were made and what key factors influenced people. Spark created a series of creative exercises, questions, and activities for different consumer segments that let us in on attitudes, perceptions, behaviours, and influences. We asked participants to create or select images and generate analogies. We used storytelling exercises to get into the situation of movie-going and learn about triggers, hurdles, and emotional outcomes. We created an online panel for journaling and associated creative exercises. Consumers were given the opportunity to respond to concepts and change or improve them to suit themselves.


With the rich consumer context that these exercises generated, we were able to prioritize new program development and create supporting key messages. The new data and insights generated enriched understanding of specific segments and new business opportunities for Cineplex.