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Co-Creation and Lego

We recently worked with an organization that wanted to improve the effectiveness of a mentorship program they offer. As with most Mentorships benefits flow to both Mentor and Mentee; actions and steps reflect the uniqueness of the Mentor and outcomes are different for each Mentee. Lots of moving parts!

We designed a Co-Creation workshop using Lego Serious Play to gather all perspectives and identify and define behaviours which would create stronger, more productive relationships for program delivery. 

For those unfamiliar with Co-creation, it is a process that allows and encourages more active involvement from the consumer of a service to create a value rich experience.

Here’s what we did.

About 20 Mentors, Mentees and Program directors gathered around tables piled with Lego.   Through a series of facilitated activities everyone built a personal model to show their own strengths and skills and desired outcomes in relation to the program. Each participant shared their model and their story with the group.



Building from this foundation of shared stories, observations and experiences, participants then worked together to build models to identify individual behaviours and attributes needed for an optimal Mentor/Mentee relationship. Once the team was sure that a complete set had been created they connected all the models in a way that represented a more productive way to deliver the program goals – in essence the shared model is a prototype of new program delivery!



Working with Lego, sharing stories and working together to build something tangible generated insights for individuals and the team together; it generated important conversations that had not previously taken place.  Some of the outcomes of the workshop include a deeper appreciation for other players roles, positions and challenges; deep connection with the optimal approach and a strong commitment to change. 

Oh yes, I should mention they also had fun in the process.  No one ever wants to stop playing with the Lego!

We think LEGO™ SERIOUS™ PLAY™ is a powerful, effective and engaging tool to uncover insights and help meet business objectives.  If there is something you are working on where breakthrough teamwork could really make a difference – Team Effectiveness, Brand Development or Solving Customer Problems – we’d be delighted to show you how using Lego and thinking with your hands can help.  

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