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Case Studies

Case Studies

Leading Computer Manufacturer – Understanding the Customer Purchase Experience

The Challenge

As part of a shift to managing their business in a more client-centric way, a leading computer manufacturer wanted to design a customer experience that would drive loyalty and repeat business and deliver the brand promise. But in a product-focused business where sales were conducted online and over the phone, they didn’t have a solid understanding of the current experience from the customer’s perspective.

Our Solution

Job one for Spark was to understand and express the current situation. We began by analyzing internal and external research and data. We conducted interviews and led working sessions across the organization to identify all the steps through which a customer could travel when making a purchase. The output was a map of the existing customer experience for the two primary purchase channels.

The maps not only identified all the steps, they also quantified number of customers, units and dollars at every stage.

These maps provided internal teams with the first true understanding of the customer experience. Using the maps we identified strong and weak points—opportunities and hurdles to satisfaction and loyalty. With associated volumes we were able to establish priorities and build action plans to improve pain points and capitalize on opportunities.


Treating first time customers differently was identified as an important opportunity and key priority. A welcome package and “first 90 days” program was developed as a result. With new opportunities for improved data collection we recommended tactics to capture and put this data to use. Personalized cross-sell initiatives were created and implemented.