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Case Studies

Leading Computer Manufacturer – Understanding the Customer Purchase Experience

As part of a shift to managing their business in a more client-centric way, a leading computer manufacturer wanted to design a customer experience that would drive loyalty and repeat business and deliver the brand promise. But in a product-focused business where sales were conducted online and over the phone, they didn’t have a solid understanding of the current experience from the customer’s perspective.

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Pathways to Education – Communication Plan to Support Brand Growth

Pathways to Education began in 2001 as a social innovation within the Regent Park Community Health Centre to break the cycle of poverty. Pathways was a holistic approach to reducing the high school dropout rate in Regent Park, which at that time was twice the national average. Fast forward a few years and with the proven success of reducing the dropout rate by over 70% the program was ready to grow and secure more funding. There was a need for effective positioning and marketing strategies and tactics to build awareness, consideration and choice with key donors. Pathways had the credentials but lacked staff and marketing expertise to tell its successful story.

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Cineplex – Bringing Segments to Life and Understanding the Consumer Context

Cineplex had segment-specific information but wanted a deeper understanding of beliefs and attitudes behind behaviour in order to develop relevant and compelling programs and offers.

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CIBC – Developing a New Chequing Account

CIBC wanted to re-imagine the chequing account in a way that would allow them to build significant new share growth. The bank wanted to ensure that any new product innovation would be directed at a real consumer need. Previous efforts had not been successful in generating the desired market share.

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Bell – Creating and Delivering a product in the Small Business Space

Bell wanted to develop a suite of Internet products and services built specifically to service home office customers – a group with combined consumer and business communication needs that represent more than 50% of the Canadian business market.

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407ETR – Creating a Loyalty Program

407 ETR wanted to create a program that would retain its best customers, motivate them to increase their usage of the highway, and provide an incentive for high potential customers to increase their usage. One key requirement–407 stipulated that any program would have to be self-funding. Our Solution We began with a process.

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