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How LEGO™ helps solve complex business issues

We recently became Certified Facilitators of the LEGO™ SERIOUS PLAY™ Method – a facilitated, creative process used to solve complex issues for business.  It is a fun, engaging and highly productive way for a group to share ideas and build solutions around a predetermined topic. The technique is rooted in science and research which demonstrates […]

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How Quick Can Qualitative Research Be?

How Quick Can Qualitative Research Be?  In today’s competitive environment companies are under increasing pressure to get their products and ideas to market as quickly as possible – often cutting corners in the process.  Lately, much has been made about the amount of time needed for qualitative research.  The implication being that no contemporary, successful […]

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The Benefits of Paper and Pen

Here at Spark Ideas, we have always been big proponents of getting people to pick up a pencil or pen and write or draw on a piece of paper. Dinosaurs? Luddites? We think not. In our experience, encouraging people to interact and experience their process in a tactile way provides surprising benefits. As marketing strategists […]

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April 20, 2015 – What does Big Data really tell us about the Voice of the Consumer?

In a recently published study, Deloitte looked at the ways in which Canadian CMOs deal with ‘Big
Data” in an age where information is readily available and flowing.

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We believe understanding the customer context is a key factor for just about any marketing initiative.

What do you want to know about your customer’s or prospect’s context that you don’t know today?

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