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How LEGO™ helps solve complex business issues

We recently became Certified Facilitators of the LEGO™ SERIOUS PLAY™ Method – a facilitated, creative process used to solve complex issues for business.  It is a fun, engaging and highly productive way for a group to share ideas and build solutions around a predetermined topic.

The technique is rooted in science and research which demonstrates that greater creativity, insight and value come from thinking while building with your hands and then using metaphors and storytelling to unlock ideas.  It effectively combines 4 key elements: 

  • Play:  Learning through exploration and storytelling
  • Constructionism:  Building knowledge by building things
  • Hand-mind connection: Opens a new path for expressive thinking
  • Imagination:  Tapping into our creativity

Just last week we ran a half-day session to identify the necessary behaviours and tactics needed to implement a new corporate identity.  The team included members from different departments, at different levels, with different tenures.  Following the session the team talked about the process and the experience using Lego.  The first word was “refreshing”!  

Everyone agreed that the solutions they developed using Lego were different and more meaningful than those they would have created using traditional brainstorming approaches.  They also said that the conversations which happened through sharing the models they built were ground-breaking and important.   We continue to be impressed with how this method gets everyone to generate input, contribute and commit to the solution.

At Spark we use LEGO™ SERIOUS PLAY™ to support goals in the following areas:

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Branding and Identity
  • Product, Service and Experience Development
  • Solving Customer or Process Pain Points
  • Messy Problem Solving

We are always looking for effective tools that uncover insights to help our clients meet their business objectives.  We think we’ve found one in LEGO™ SERIOUS PLAY™.  If there is something you are working on where breakthrough teamwork could really make a difference – we’d be delighted to show you how thinking with your hands can help.  

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