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Communication Planning

Build brand value by providing clarity and a competitive edge with communications and messaging that resonate with your target audiences.

Let Spark provide strategies for reaching your customers in meaningful ways.  Whether you want to evaluate existing communications or launch a brand new program, we can create the communication ideas that will spark the action you want from your customers.

We’ll map out the times and places that your customers receive communication from you, and analyze how each factor impacts customer decision-making. Then we’ll evaluate how your customers experience the brand via each channel and touch point to help you determine what’s working and what isn’t—so you can make informed decisions and improvements.

In every case our recommendations will ensure that your communications are consistent with brand strategy and will focus on clarity of your message and relevance for the target consumer. You want to have a meaningful and differentiated conversation and we’ll create a plan to get you there.

Key Message Development

Positioning your brand competitively is one of the most important things you can do, especially if your brand exists in a cluttered marketplace.  Effective key messages can ignite your brand by clarifying its value and differentiating your product or services. We combine qualitative research with sound strategic thinking to help determine key messages that resonate with your consumer.  We’ll develop messaging, extensively testing concepts with target consumers to ensure your communication efforts have the greatest impact.

Testing concepts in the Marketplace

Embarking on a new communications program can seem like a daunting task, but with the right messaging and conceptual approach, it can provide an exciting opportunity to inject renewed energy into your brand. Whether you’re developing a new ad campaign, packaging a new product, or rebranding your entire organization, we can work with you to test concepts within your target market and create communication action plans that align with your business objectives.