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New Product Development

In today’s challenging and competitive environment, marketers face increasing pressure to get new products and services to market quickly. With so much at stake financially, you need to be confident—from concept through to development—that there is a demand for the product or service, that your idea holds water, and that you understand how prospective customers will benefit. Whether you’re looking for the next big idea for your brand or need to launch a new product line or service, we’ll work with you to activate ideas that minimize risk and maximize results.

At Spark, we use a variety of tools and methodologies to gather intelligence, test hypotheses, and develop strategic action plans to take your product to market. There are three components to our product development process:

  • Fact Foundation
  • Ideation and Vetting
  • Concept Development and Testing

Fact Foundation

A successful go-to-market strategy is grounded in facts and proven data. We explore internal and external reports and research alongside qualitative data in order to identify the truths about your customer segment. We’ll work collaboratively with you to distinguish where there are knowledge gaps that need to be filled, and ask the questions that will drive the entire product development process before getting into creative ideation.

Ideation and Vetting

Our track record of successful product launches is due largely to a combination of creative thinking and a stringent vetting process driven by knowledge of the customer and organization. Our goal is to  ensure that the new idea is aligned with your strategic imperatives and business objectives. Our ideation and vetting process pulls internal and external stakeholders into creative workshops designed to generate ideas and refine existing concepts in ways that deliver the most value to your business

Concept Development and Testing

We’ll help take your products from ideation all the way to prototype by refining concepts through rigorous testing within your customer segment. We’ll also test the product with prospective customers and internal team members.