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Insight and Innovation: Which Could You Use More of Right Now?

Earlier this year I heard a speaker at a conference say that what the world suffers from is not a shortage of innovation but rather a shortage of insights. 

That got my attention and stuck with me – as it seems counter to everyone’s working assumption that with more innovation all problems can be fixed; all needs met.

I did a little more digging on this topic. And found many headlines and studies pointing to the over-reliance by business on innovation.  When in fact “…more than half of marketers felt they required more information about their customers and only a third were happy with the amount they had,” Admantx June 2017.

Marketing Charts recently posted an article titled “Marketing Needs More Human Insights than Automation”.  Over 70% of respondents in a survey of advertisers, agencies and media companies said they would opt for more human insights over more automation.

Innovation without insight can result in the development of products or services with no clear idea what problem they solve, who the target market is, the context for use of that product or what messages and benefits will compel a person to take action.  Innovation fuelled by human insights more frequently leads to business success.

Identifying insights and creating marketing strategies to capitalize on the insights is what we do at Spark.  We are especially good at creating a custom approach to efficiently and creatively identify the needed insights in any unique situation. 

By exploring existing situations with consumers we can identify pain points and unmet needs (sometimes they didn’t even know they had) in a detailed and nuanced way.

  • Starting with our curious natures
  • Combining with our creative approach to research methodology
  • Integrating with our focus on business objectives
  • Delivering meaningful insights which can support appropriate, valuable, productive innovation

How is it for you and your company?  If you need more of anything is it more innovation? Or is it more human insights?

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