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Making Sense of Data

Quantitative research tells us what consumers are doing. Qualitative research helps us understand the why behind consumer behaviour. Together they provide a full picture of your customers – their attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, and needs. While we don’t perform quantitative research, we are experts at designing qualitative research programs that can help shape a subsequent quantitative study. The qualitative phase identifies which questions to ask along with relative priorities, pinpointing what issues matter to which segments, and how consumers actually talk about these topics. All of this makes the associated quantitative research more relevant, productive and useful for our clients.

Before creating any new qualitative research, we like to begin by reviewing existing data and research results in order to build on what is already known and then validate or refute hypotheses. This approach is valid for many types of assignments:

  • Developing more complete segment profiles
  • Fine-tuning creative concepts and key messages
  • Refining product features and benefits
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do