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Qualitative Research

At Spark, we uncover consumer insights that ignite success. We rely on a variety of proven tools to uncover the insights that our B2B and B2C clients need in order to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market. We’re experts at engaging customers and stakeholders in meaningful conversations in person, on the web, in their home or office and on the go.

Whether testing a new product idea, creating a brand strategy or mapping a customer journey to purchase, we believe it is critical to understand the beliefs and attitudes that drive customer behaviour. To this end, we have developed many research methodologies, combining elements from a variety of approaches to keep our research fresh, meaningful, rich, and productive.

Our qualitative research services include:

Focus Groups – We’re RIVA™ trained Advanced Moderators that provide a mix of activities to engage participants and generate rich output for our clients

Interviews – Our signature interview approach gets to the heart of attitudes, perceptions and behaviours from customers, front-line staff, executives and more.

Online and Mobile Research – Reach a broader customer base where they are and capture rich feedback “in the moment” through video, image and text responses.

Ethnography – Our ethnographic approach shows you life through the customer’s eyes by using proven observational approaches.

In-Home Interviews: Our in-home interviews combine observation and interview techniques to provide a complete picture of how brands and products fit into their lives.

Accompanied Shops – Be a fly on the wall as consumers make their purchases in retail, leisure, financial and entertainment environments learning first hand how decisions are made at point of purchase.

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