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Customer Experience

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. One positive customer experience can create a ripple effect of increased business, word of mouth referrals, and positive sentiment both online and off. At Spark, we understand the value of customer experiences and can work with you to ensure flawless execution of the critical transactions that build brand loyalty. We’ll analyze the current customer experience and make an action plan to help you bridge the gap between what your brand promises and what it delivers.

We seek to get a big-picture view of the entire customer experience. We start by mapping each customer touch-point end-to-end, attaching key metrics to each step so that we can identify issues and disconnects for both the company and the customer. Once we’ve clarified where the pain points are, we’ll develop an action plan to  improve customer experience and ensure that your brand delivers on its promise. We will make recommendations to align each customer touch-point with your brand and business objectives. This may involve gleaning customer insights from existing information or creating and executing new research to test processes and gather the specific customer feedback you require. Together, we can help strengthen brand loyalty by creating meaningful customer experiences.