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Defining a new work culture — using LEGO.

Yesterday we spilled a lot of Lego all in the name of defining a new work culture.

Our client has reached a certain stage of organizational growth and maturity.  They are considering how their brand will develop in the coming few years and how their work culture should change to both support and reflect the brand.

We designed an afternoon of team activities with Lego to unlock ideas and generate guiding principles for their work culture.  In addition to the guiding principles, the client left with a list of tactical activities and priorities to support the change they want.

What happened in between was a lot of new thinking, interacting, idea generation and yes – flat out fun.

As they were leaving the team members shared some feedback…

”Everyone was into it – open and willing.  It was a great safe space to open up and be productive”

”we ARE all looking in the same direction.  That is exciting”

”I’m excited that we created a bridge from Ideation to a Process that will make it real”

Yes!  One huge tub of Lego.  4 hours of work.  8 participants – from summer student to CEO at the table.

Not bad for one afternoon of work in the summer!

Interested?  There are so many applications for this engaging and productive tool.  Let’s chat. 

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