“Thank you for all the work you put into helping me navigate this journey. Even though you think you know what you’re looking for in life, sometimes you need a person like you to provide clarity on priorities and strengths.”

NFP Executive, Transition Coaching

“I’m excited that we created a bridge from Ideation to a Process that will make it real.”

All Staff, Toronto Arts Organization, Lego Team Participant

“Everyone was into it – open and willing. It was a great safe space to open up and be productive.”

Financial Services Marketing Team, Lego Team Participant

“This program allowed me to take a step back each week and reconnect to what’s important. It brought a higher degree of focus and concentration to my business and work.”

Team Member, Financial Advisor, Financial Services, Positive Intelligence for Teams Participant

“This innovative, simple to follow program provides an approach to get team members in touch with the blocks holding them back from being successful, happy and productive.”

Team Member, CEO, Financial Services, Positive Intelligence for Teams Participant

“I found this program incredibly helpful in keeping myself grounded in a very crazy time. It helped me identify negative self-talk and replace it with more positive and helpful comments. These practices helped alleviate stress and anxiety, while also giving me more confidence and drive to pursue my goals.”

Recent Graduate, Graduates and Young Professionals Participant

“The benefits of the Positive Intelligence Program are improved confidence and empathy, a clear view how I want my life to be, a motivation to improve myself and a newfound confidence to manage difficult situations and people as well as tools for making it all happen.”

PR Manager, Positive Intelligence Participant

“This program provides applicability on a day-to-day basis unlike most other courses. It is relevant, impactful and foundational in helping someone to accurately identify future development priorities.”

Program Director, NFP, Positive Intelligence Participant

You have really given me the confidence that I am ready to take on this new leadership challenge.

Director HR, Technology, Executive Coaching

You helped me create a vision for what I want in my career and planning to help make it happen.

Executive Leader, NFP, Executive Coaching

“I am now able to resolve problems and situations more quickly and for better and smarter outcomes. Your coaching creates a safe space to evaluate my thoughts and ideas, remove barriers and gain clarity.”

Director Operations, Transportation, Executive Coaching

“I wanted to develop a successful, connected and growth-focused team. Your positive and realistic coaching helped me create a constructive path which was easy to execute.”

Entrepreneur, Health & Beauty, Executive Coaching

“She helped me define goals and actionable plans. She championed my courage and brought out the best in me.”

Producer, Executive Coaching

“The coaching experience offered valuable insight into my own abilities. Creating awareness with help from a skilled coach offers a path to improvement.”

Director Product Automotive, Executive Coaching

“I discovered insights about strengths to leverage and issues that hold me back. I made plans and achieved goals that have helped me work more efficiently and find a better work/life balance.”

CFO Financial Services, Positive Intelligence Participant

“This Executive Coaching has truly been a gift – unlocking my potential, my happiness and my ability to navigate whatever challenges and opportunities come my way.”

VP Marketing Transportation, Executive Coaching

“Working with you is such a breath of fresh air. After each session I feel refreshed, refocused and clearer. I feel more in my power – able to let go of things that aren’t serving me and make positive change.”

CEO, Entrepreneur, Feminine Hygiene, Executive Coaching