Helping Teams & Individual Thrive

We are motivated to create, facilitate and support change and growth so that brands, teams and individuals thrive – when people thrive, success follows.

Jill and Wendy bring a unique perspective combining extensive corporate and entrepreneurial business experience, expertise as qualitative researchers and accredited training and experience in coaching. Our experience has honed our skills to creatively approach situations from different angles and combine tools and methodologies to get breakthrough insights. We work with individuals, executives and teams to motivate and navigate change.

Individual and Executive Coaching

Every person brings their own set of challenges and responsibilities whether they are a corporate leader, entrepreneur or simply a person who feels stuck or in transition. We work collaboratively with individuals to help unlock potential, make desired changes and achieve personal and professional goals. We facilitate a process to get you where you want to be and create accountability for ensuring you arrive.

Team Effectiveness and Coaching

We deliver effective and engaging team workshops supported with individual coaching to strengthen and solidify teams around a common purpose. Our approach builds collaboration and creativity, increases engagement and improves communication and contribution. We create a tailored coaching plan which can include a combination of the following:

  • One-on-one interviews to identify goals, issues, opportunities and key priorities for the team.
  • Custom team workshops to define guiding principles, values and/or desired behaviors
  • Individual Coaching tailored to the context and designed to support and enable growth and contribution

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