Spark Your Career Program

It’s Time to Spark Your Career

Spark Your Career is a program for recent college and university graduates – helping you get that first job and kickstart your career.

This 6-week program delivers two important benefits:

  • Improved mental fitness for greater confidence, more focus, and less anxiety
  • Practical support in your job search with best practices and feedback on networking, interviewing, and telling your story

Mental Fitness

Through the Positive Intelligence Program, you will learn to reduce negative emotions like stress, anxiety, and self-doubt and build positive emotions to give you more calm, confidence, focus, and resilience.

Individual Support Tailored to You

You will have 3 one-on-one coaching sessions designed to concentrate on the aspects of career building that you want most. We will work on how you can best leverage your unique skills and strengths. And we will build an action plan to meet your goals.

Here’s what other clients said about Spark Your Career:

“When I began, I had a lot of self-doubts about how and where to find a job, especially as a new graduate with limited work experience and in a pandemic! Coaching provided a safe space where we could work through issues together and develop plans for networking, interviewing and also improving my resume.

The best benefit for me is the increase in my confidence which has also helped my communication skills. Now I have secured a job in the sector I wanted most. I feel like my career has really launched! “

“As a recent graduate, I found this program incredibly helpful in keeping myself grounded. It helped me identify negative self-talk and replace it with more positive and helpful comments. These practices helped alleviate stress and anxiety while also giving me more confidence and drive to pursue my goals.”

  • Begin by getting clear on your own goals
  • Access an app that delivers all the program elements
  • Watch a Positive Intelligence Program one-hour video each week
  • Attend weekly 45-minute group meeting (4-6 participants) to discuss learning
  • Complete a daily 15minute practice (prompted by the app) using exercises that quiet your negative mind and strengthen your resilience.
  • Identify the habits and attitudes that hold you back through the Positive Intelligence Program’s assessment tool – and it will support you to build more positive and effective approaches
  • Benefit from 3 one-on-one 60-minute meetings with a coach to concentrate on the aspects of career building that you want most: telling your story, networking or interviewing skills, evaluating the options you have, and choosing a focus
  • Create an action plan together that’s tailored specifically for you
  • Group meetings are held every Monday or Tuesday
  • Weekly videos are available every Saturday
  • The app is always available and prompts daily practice
  • Individual coaching will be scheduled throughout the 6-week period
  • Greater calm, confidence and focus
  • More clarity and groundedness
  • An action plan to meet your unique goals
  • Insights about your strengths, situations where you get hijacked and ways to stay centred and moving forward
  • Feedback and improvements to your story, resume and interview skills
  • Mental fitness and tools that you can use in your job search and in any situation
  • Coaches with deep business experience and strong coaching track record
  • Taking part in the course requires an investment of $1,450 in yourself and in your future. The course fee may be paid in full at the beginning or in two payments of $750.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the outcomes after 4-weeks, we will fully refund your fee.